PerkinElmer launches Vectra 2 imaging system for drug assessment

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PerkinElmer has announced the launch of its new Vectra 2 automated slide imaging system, for use in the identification and validation of new drug targets.

The new platform incorporates Aqua technology from HistoRX to provide a versatile laboratory solution with multispectral, tissue assessment and image analysis capabilities.

It is a turnkey platform that offers automated walk-away batch processing of up to 200 tissue sections at a time, allowing processes to be completed in a fast and effective manner.

This new and improved Vectra device has been designed to meet the needs of scientists in the biomarker research, pharmaceutical development, clinical research and tissue application testing sectors.

Kevin Hrusovsky, president for life sciences and technology at PerkinElmer, said: "With our technology's proven performance, we are well-positioned to provide the reproducible quality results necessary to advancing knowledge, as tissue imaging and analysis becomes an integral part of enabling personalised medicine."

This comes after the firm expanded the scope of its business earlier this month through the completion of its takeover of Caliper Life Sciences.

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