Chugai to supply iPad 2 devices for use by staff

Pharmaceutical Company Product News

Chugai is to purchase 1,750 iPad 2 tablet computers for use by its medical representatives (MRs) and medical associates (MAs) over the coming months.

From mid-January 2012, all Chugai MRs and MAs will be supplied with the Apple devices for use in their activities, having conducted successful trials that illustrate how they can be used to supply staff with important medical information.

Materials in the form of PDF files, moving pictures and HTML5 documents can be sent and shared by Chugai employees within a secure infrastructure, with information to include product information, data on adverse reactions and clinical trial results.

Other functions that will be incorporated include email communications and provision of training material.

"Chugai thinks that the importance of timely and appropriate provision of these types of information to medical professionals will increase more and more," the company added.

Last month, the company published its financial results for the third quarter of 2011, during which it saw a 10.9 percent annual increase in operating income.

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