Beckman Coulter launches new Biomek pipette tips

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Beckman Coulter has introduced two new Biomek pipette tips for use with NXP and FXP liquid handlers.

The Biomek P1000 Span-8 Tip is useful for large-volume media transfer in "seed and feed" cellular applications, while the Span-8 Wide Bore Pipette Tip features a larger orifice equipped to handle viscous liquids such as glycerol solutions and samples with large particulates.

According to the firm, the wide bore device could be used to minimise DNA shearing during nucleic-acid preparation.

Jerome Lim, marketing product manager at Beckman Coulter, said the launch of the two new products will give customers "more choices for large volume transfers".

He added: "They will provide productivity benefits to scientists in a range of applications, even those working with cellulose slurry for bio-fuels or bio-energy research."

All pipette tips from Beckman Coulter, which also unveiled a set of custom multi-colour antibody panels earlier this month, are made with premium-grade virgin polypropylene.

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