Pfizer to collaborate with Medco Health Solutions

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Pfizer has announced details of a new research collaboration with Medco Health Solutions.

The pharmaceutical giant will work with the New Jersey-based company and its subsidiary United BioSource Corporation to develop a precision medicine approach.

According to Pfizer, the goal of the collaboration is to improve patient outcomes by effectively matching people with the treatments that will benefit them the most.

"This agreement is designed to enable us to identify approaches to developing new medicines that take the differences among patients into consideration," explained Pfizer's executive vice-president and chief medical officer Freda Lewis-Hall.

She said the research activities of the two companies will be based on the fact that "patients with the same disease do not respond the same way to the same medicine".

Ms Lewis-Hall spoke about the collaboration at this week's TEDMED 2011 conference, which began in San Diego on Tuesday (October 25th) and was attended by approximately 1,000 people.

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