Heraeus highlights new report praising Mondial denture teeth

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Heraeus has highlighted a recently published report that demonstrates the potential benefits of its Mondial range of denture teeth.

In a recent Inside Dentistry feature, dental professional Dr David Little has praised the break resistance and authentic appearance of the Mondial and Mondial i products.

The denture teeth utilise advanced Nanopearl materials to offer greater strength, a more natural appearance, better colour stability and improved bite characteristics, while they can be specially tailored for advanced occlusal schemes.

Dr Little said the lifelike quality of Mondial is "unsurpassed", drawing attention to their naturalistically opalescent and fluorescent properties and anatomically accuracy from all angles.

Lesley Melvin, product manager for Heraeus, added: "For years implant-supported overdentures have offered the promise of a dramatically better solution for denture wearers, but the denture teeth available were never quite up to the challenge."

This comes after a study from the University of Brescia offered evidence of the clinical and esthetic performance of Heraeus' Venus Diamond Flow earlier this month.

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