Novo Nordisk launches FlexTouch insulin pen

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Novo Nordisk has introduced its new disposable prefilled insulin pen device FlexTouch in the UK.

The new product is designed for use with the company's rapid-acting modern insulin analogue NovoRapid and allows insulin to be administered at any dose, from 1 to 80 units, via a single button press.

A spring incorporated into its unique design means the device itself is able to absorb the force of the injection, making it extremely easy to use, while also setting apart from other products of the same type.

Novo Nordisk is making the FlexTouch pen available in order to provide a new therapy option that will help diabetes patients to manage their condition with as little disruption to their lives as possible.

Viggo Birch, managing director for Novo Nordisk, said: "Novo Nordisk is committed to continually improving our diabetes medicines and devices that can help solve some of the major challenges people with diabetes face every day."

Last month, the company published new clinical trial data for its new diabetes therapy insulin degludec, showing the glycaemic control benefits the treatment can offer.

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