Cook Medical launches Otrieva tapered ovum aspiration needle

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Cook Medical has announced the launch of a new needle specifically designed for use in ovum collection procedures.

The Otrieva tapered ovum aspiration needle utilises a tapering process that results in a consistent bevel, minimising pain and bleeding associated with the process, while allowing for precise follicle collection.

It features a consistent inner diameter to minimise trauma to the egg, as well as a smooth taper to provide optimum control of a rigid needle, while creating only a small puncture.

Other benefits of the new Otrieva device include its EchoTip visibility-enhancing technology, which will also help to make the procedure easier for patients to cope with.

Christina Anne, global leader of Cook's women's health business unit, said: "This needle offers the physician precision and control while reducing trauma to the patient."

This comes after the company announced the introduction of its new endogo HD portable endoscopic imaging system last month.

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