BVA to assess technicians' roles in animal health

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The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is launching an investigation to assess the scope of the role played by technicians in veterinary practice in the UK.

A survey is being conducted by the industry body's Veterinary Development Council that will call on the opinions of vets in large animal, equine and mixed practices, with aim of shaping future discussions on service provision.

Former BVA president Professor Bill Reilly will be chairing the working group responsible for the survey and stated that it aims to evaluate the variations in veterinary surgeon/technician relationships between practices.

By assessing how functions such as artificial insemination and foot trimming are provided, the organisation can gauge how vets may feel about other services being delivered by non-veterinarians in future.

"I hope veterinary surgeons in large, mixed and equine practice will take ten minutes to complete our survey," he added.

Earlier this month, the BVA called for greater awareness of Seasonal Canine Illness, a mystery disease that has become prevalent among domestic animals in recent years.

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