Ferring's Firmagon shows long-term efficacy in study

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Ferring has highlighted data from a new clinical study that supports the long-term efficacy of Firmagon, its approved treatment for prostate cancer.

Results from a study published in the Journal of Urology show that the gonadotropin-releasing hormone therapy continued to be effective and well-tolerated among patients after a three-year period.

Data was gleaned from an extension to a one-year phase III trial - which previously demonstrated Firmagon's benefits compared to leuprolide - with the three-year findings showing that its progression-free survival performance can be sustained.

Firmagon is already ratified for sale as an advanced prostate cancer therapy in both the EU and US.

Dr E David Crawford, head of urologic oncology at the University of Colorado Denver, said: "Being able to delay castration resistance for as long as possible is an important outcome for any first-line therapy."

Last month, InPharm reported that Ferring has relocated to a new UK base at Drayton Hall near London, which will help to support its continued growth in the region.

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