Baxter highlights success of Advate trials

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Baxter has revealed that additional trials of its Advate treatment have produced positive results, with the therapy demonstrating its safety, efficacy and inhibition capability.

Deborah Brady, business unit director for BioScience at the company, pointed out that this has previously been shown in clinical trial data, but it has now been backed up by the everyday experiences of international physicians.

Advate - or Antihaemophilic Factor (Recombinant), Plasma/Albumin-Free Method - was used on a broad range of patients, including those with severe to moderately severe haemophilia A and those who had been treated before.

"This publication provides further confidence to clinicians and patients that Advate offers an effective, well-tolerated treatment," added Ms Brady.

Printed in the journal Haemophilia, the study focused on the experiences of pharmaceutical professionals in the US and 11 European Union nations.

Earlier this year, Baxter announced that it had raised more than £6,900 for Children in Need with the help of a Britain's Got Talent-style competition involving staff members. 

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