Rowlands outlines commitment to Healthy Living Pharmacy scheme

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Rowlands has highlighted the important role played by the nationwide Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) scheme in dictating its future development strategy.

The pharmacy firm told Chemist and Druggist at its recent staff conference that it plans to have an HLP or equivalent in all of its 20 areas within the next 12 to 18 months.

Operated with the support of industry bodies, the HLP initiative is currently the subject of a pathfinder site project that aims to demonstrate the benefits of pharmacies being able to offer a wider array of services.

The National Pharmacy Association has voiced its endorsement for the programme, which aims to create at least 100 more HLP sites by March 2012.

Rowlands has recently appointed a designated HLP manager, Debby Crockford, to organise the implementation of the scheme, pledging that no pharmacy that wishes to take part in the project will be turned down.

Ms Crockford said: "My hope is that [HLP] will become a national programme and then [pharmacies that have adopted the initiative] will very quickly be recognised as HLP and then get the kite mark."

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