Bayer Animal Health launches darkling beetle control product

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Bayer Animal Health has launched a new product designed to help owners of long grow out poultry operations to manage the problem of darkling beetle infestations.

The new Credo D agent has been formulated with DStar adjuvant and the chloronicotinyl insecticide imidacloprid to offer greater control over adult and larval beetle populations.

Darkling beetles can be a serious problem for poultry farmers, as they are responsible for destroying insulation, eating feed and spreading disease, which can damage profitability.

The effectiveness of Credo D has subsequently been demonstrated in field tests conducted by Bayer Animal Health in the US.

Dr Doug Ross, manager of clinical development projects for Bayer Animal Health, said: "We invested research and development resources into this product because the industry told us there was a real need for a solution to the darkling beetle problem."

In April 2011, the company received European Commission approval for the launch of two new products - the fluoroquinolone antibiotic Veraflox and the roundworm and coccidian treatment Procox.

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