Henry Schein launches two new dental products

Dental Supplier News

Henry Schein has expanded its range of products for use in dental surgeries with two new offerings.

The equipment manufacturer has launched new rubber dam frames and resin colour-coded probes, both of which are being made available in multiple sizes and have been optimised for ease of use.

Its rubber dam frames have been created using high-quality surgical-grade steel, with a contoured design enabling a close, comfortable fit within the working area and easy accessibility.

They are used to protect against tooth contamination and infection, as well as accidental swallowing of composite material and debris by the patient.

Meanwhile, the new Henry Schein probes incorporate design features such as rounded tips and flexible ends to facilitate manoeuvring, while they are also gentle on tissue and compatible for use on implants.

In March 2011, the firm reported a record-breaking financial performance in the first quarter of the year, with sales rising by 10.6 percent year over year.

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