Merck Millipore to launch custom water purification services

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Merck Millipore has announced plans to launch a new range of water purification systems.

The life sciences firm has revealed the customised plans will be created to match users' needs in order to improve the performance of the systems for the owners.

Merck Millipore Lab Solutions' worldwide service and validation product manager Eric Beguec stated that the company will produce an "a la carte" range of services in order to fit in with customers' water quality needs and budget restrictions.

"Laboratories working with critical applications, such as those in the pharmaceutical or biomedical sectors, will probably select the Service Total or Service Total Pharma plan, in order to benefit from all-inclusive coverage," said Mr Beguec.

These allow access to Merck Millipore's diagnostic tool Millitrack software, which gives detailed analysis of the system's process.

This news comes after the company launched its Samplicity Filtration System earlier this year, aimed at helping to prepare samples for chromatography.  

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