Pfizer reports positive clinical data on Prevnar 13

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Staff in clinical research jobs at Pfizer have published new trial data that demonstrates the efficacy of its pneumococcal disease vaccine Prevnar 13 in a new indication.

The company has conducted two phase III clinical trials of the drug - which has already been approved for use among infants and young children - to prove it can also offer benefits to those aged over 50.

Results from the studies show that Prevnar 13 delivers comparable or in some cases superior immunogenicity and safety performance to the currently licensed nonconjugated pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine used to treat the 12 serotypes common to both therapies.

It is hoped that this data can support a regulatory approval of the drug among older patients, who are identified as being at heightened risk from the baceterial disease.

Dr Emilio Emini, chief scientific officer for vaccine research at Pfizer, said: "Prevnar 13 represents an important scientific achievement and we are excited about the potential to further define its clinical utility with the aim of broadening pneumococcal disease prevention efforts."

This comes after the company received approval for a new paediatric indication of the pulmonary arterial hypertension treatment Revatio in Europe this month.

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