Medtronic launches new continuous glucose monitoring device

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Medtronic has announced the international launch of a new continuous glucose monitoring system to help diabetes patients control their condition better.

The Enlite Sensor is being introduced in 35 countries outside the US and features design improvements that offer greater comfort and ease of use, with its overall build providing a lower volume and length than previous models.

It can be worn on the abdomen and buttocks and used for up to six days, providing functionality with the predictive alerts feature on Medtronic systems to give warnings to patients about hypoglycaemia risks.

In clinical studies, 85 percent of patients agreed that insertion of the sensor was pain-free, while a similar proportion stated that it was easy to use.

Katie Szyman, president of the diabetes business and senior vice-president at Medtronic, said: "We expect that more people with diabetes will be able to utilise this technology to manage their condition and ultimately improve their lives."

Earlier this month, the manufacturer reported data from two clinical trials of its Resolute drug-eluting stent, demonstrating the product's efficacy in treating coronary artery disease.

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