Wristwatch-style device 'could revolutionise blood pressure monitoring'

Scientific Developments/Breakthroughs

UK researchers have created a new wristwatch-style medical device that could potentially offer marked improvements in the accuracy of blood pressure monitoring.

University of Leicester scientists have created a unit using technology from HealthSTATS International which is able to record precise pulse readings when worn on the wrist.

By wearing the device for 24 hours and taking measurements in coordination with standard cuff-based measurements, levels of central aortic systolic pressure (CASP) can be gauged with far more accuracy than traditional brachial artery readings.

The effectiveness of the new method was demonstrated by comparisons with surgically-obtained CASP measurements, with results showing a 99 percent correlation.

This development has been welcomed by the British Heart Foundation, but noted that more research is necessary to be certain of its superiority.

Judy O'Sullivan, senior cardiac nurse at the foundation, added: "The conventional and well-established way of measuring blood pressure will be what most patients experience for some time to come."

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