Sanofi Pasteur announces dengue fever collaboration with IVI

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Sanofi Pasteur is to work with the International Vaccine Institute on a campaign to promote research into treatments for dengue fever.

The vaccines division of Sanofi-aventis has agreed to provide support for the new Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI), which aims to raise awareness of the tropical disease and the need to prioritise vaccination programmes.

Launched earlier this month in collaboration with the Sabin Vaccine Institute, Johns Hopkins University and the World Health Organization, the DVI will aim to rally the support of the science community and vaccine experts, as well as policymakers.

Olivier Charmeil, senior vice-president for vaccines at Sanofi-aventis, said: "The fight against dengue requires a strong global commitment from all public health partners."

Dengue fever infects around 220 million people annually and is said to be a threat to nearly half of the global populace, with no specific treatments for the condition currently available.

However, Sanofi Pasteur announced last November that it has begun a phase III trial of a vaccine for the disease, making it the first treatment of its kind to reach this developmental stage.

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