Siemens launches enhanced RAPIDPoint 300 blood gas analysers

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Siemens has introduced new upgrades to the capabilities of its RAPIDPoint 300 series blood gas analysers, providing users with expanded quality control and compliance capabilities.

The RAPIDPoint 340/350 devices have been enhanced with a new barcode scanning application that allows Siemens quality control lot numbers to be easily registered on the system and stored for a month.

Meanwhile, new compliance applications will make it simpler for both European and US clients to ensure their work adheres to relevant local regulations such as the RiliBAK rules.

In addition to these changes, the unit's printing system has also been upgraded to be both faster and quieter.

Dr David Stein, chief executive officer for the point-of-care business unit at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, said: "It is important to continually improve lab efficiencies and processes particularly in light of the cost containment and staffing challenges clinical laboratories face today."

Last month, the manufacturer enhanced its Dimension Vista 1500 Intelligent Lab System to provide compatibility with ADVIA Automation Solutions.

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