Bayer meets deadline for EU chemicals registration

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Bayer has said that 125 large-volume chemicals have been successfully registered by the company under the EU's REACH regulations.

The firm met the specified registration deadline of December 1st after a team of experts worked exclusively on the task for three years.

REACH (regulation on the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals) came into force in June 2007 and is designed to improve protection of people and the environment by providing more comprehensive data.

All chemicals produced in volumes of 1,000 tonnes or more per annum had to be registered by the beginning of December.

"We have shown great commitment in meeting the requirements of the REACH regulation," said Dr Wolfgang Grosse Entrup, head of environment and sustainability at Bayer.

Companies were required to submit a registration dossier to the European Chemicals Agency after sharing data with other manufacturers of the same chemical using a Substance Information Exchange Forum.

The next major deadline under REACH states that all substances produced or imported in volumes of between 100 and 1,000 tonnes per annum have to be registered by June 2013.

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