Mental health issues 'overlooked by patients and government'

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A mental health organisation has suggested that the impact of mental problems is not being paid enough attention by patients and authorities.

Andy Bell, spokesman for the Centre for Mental Health, stated that conditions such as depression cost the economy 105 billion pounds a year in England alone, but noted that relatively little medical research funding is dedicated to the field.

He also noted that only a minority of patients suffering from depression or anxiety seek out treatment for it, as most people do not recognise the signs of a problem in themselves or others quickly enough.

Mr Bell noted that a number of "very effective" therapies are currently approved for NHS use, but added that further research into the area would be "very valuable".

"Mental health does not have the same level of medical research devoted to it as many physical health problems despite being so prevalent and causing so much loss of good health," he observed.

This comes after King's College London findings were published last week showing that scientists have identified the neural pathways in the brain which control peace of mind and depression.

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