Siemens VersaCell benefits confirmed by case study

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Siemens has published a new case study which illustrates the potential laboratory efficiency benefits provided by its VersaCell System sample management technology.

The system has been implemented in recent months by the Netherlands' Medical Center Alkmaar (MCA), which incorporates a microbiology laboratory that conducts around 82,000 infectious disease serology tests on 40,000 samples annually.

To improve efficiency, it connected its Advia Centaur XP Immunoassay System and an Immulite 2000 XPi System to the VersaCell unit in order to enhance its workflow, resulting in an 83 per cent decrease in daily hands-on labour.

As a result, it is now able to report a larger percentage of its serology results in one day, as well as experiencing a 75 per cent reduction in labour costs.

Ferdinand Vlaspolder, head of the medical microbiology laboratory at MCA, said: "Automation is vital for diagnostic laboratories because it enhances workflow and results ... If a colleague wants to move to automation, the VersaCell System is the best combination available."

Last month, the technology firm launched Emit 2000, a new sirolimus assay product which makes it easier to conduct immunosuppressive drug monitoring tests.

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