Ipsen reports strong performance in first half of 2010

Pharmaceutical Company Financials

Ipsen has hailed the strength of its financial performance in 2010 on the back of strong results in its report for the first half of the year.

The pharmaceutical company saw a 6.3 per cent year-on-year increase in consolidated group sales during the six months to 553.9 million euros (460.5 million pounds), while remaining on target to achieve all of its financial objectives for the year.

Among the measures on which the company made progress were achieving growth in specialty care product sales, profits and earnings, while dynamic drug sales were up by six per cent year-on-year.

Jean-Luc Belingard, chairman and chief executive officer of Ipsen, also noted the company's new partnership with Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals, which will provide the firm with a new portfolio of clotting factor products.

He added: "Above and beyond the transaction with Inspiration and its diversified international presence, the group continues to secure its future by actively developing its rich research and development pipeline."

Earlier this year, Ipsen posted data from a phase III clinical trial of its type 2 diabetes drug taspoglutide, demonstrating its efficacy in reducing glycosylated haemoglobin levels and body weight.

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