Johnson and Johnson study shows benefits of contact lenses for children

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Johnson and Johnson's vision care division has funded a new study which demonstrates the potential benefits contact lenses can have on a child's quality of life.

According to data from the three-year multi-site study, contact lenses were shown to bring self-perception improvements among children aged between six and 11 when compared to glasses.

The study demonstrated that children with contact lenses feel more satisfied with their appearance and ability to participate in activities and athletic events.

Moreover, it was shown that the young patients also found it easier to manage contact lenses, due to the convenience of disposable lenses and the decreased likelihood of loss or breakage.

Dr Jeffrey Walline of Ohio State University College of Optometry, who led the study, said: "The growing body of research in children's vision correction continues to demonstrate that contact lenses provide significant benefits to children beyond simply correcting their vision."

Earlier this month, Johnson and Johnson Vision Care was awarded accreditation for its 1-Day Acuvue TruEye from the American Optometric Association, recognising the product's ultraviolet protection benefits.

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