A&D Medical and HRS collaboration on Advanced Biometric Monitoring

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A&D Medical has been supplying Health Recovery Solutions with biometric devices for more than six years, and the last year has brought substantial growth for the latter. The A&D blood pressure monitors are clinically validated, have received FDA 510K approval, and are designed and manufactured to bring the highest quality and accuracy to all care settings.

Now the two companies are to collaborate on bringing the most cutting edge biometric monitoring equipment to patients using the HRS platform to respond to the increased demand for telehealth and high quality biometric monitoring devices. By giving patients access to advanced telehealth software and sophisticated Bluetooth biometric devices, the collaboration can improve the patient experience with technology and empower patients to work toward independently managing their own conditions.

“A&D Medical and HRS collaboration on Advanced Biometric Monitoring“

Rohan Udeshi, COO of HRS, said: "As telehealth continues to expand across the healthcare spectrum, HRS wants to ensure that we are offering the highest quality and most accurate equipment to our patients. Our partnership with A&D Medical allows us to maintain an exceptional standard of telehealth delivery while making meaningful contributions to the advancement of patient care."

Terry Duesterhoeft, president and CEO of A&D Company, Americas, said: "Empowering patients to be more connected to their health metrics is a critical element in transforming healthcare. Joining forces with HRS is another step in bringing the transformation closer to reality.”

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