ADM acquisition of Probiotics Intl Ltd

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Archer Daniels Midland Company has acquired Probiotics International Limited, a U.K.-based provider of probiotic supplements for human, pet, and production-animal use. President of ADM Health & Wellness, Vikram Luthar, said: “ADM is already one of the world’s largest providers of human and animal nutrition solutions, and the acquisition of PIL will add to our extensive portfolio of products that promote health and wellness. We took a major step in this area last year with the addition of Biopolis, and then added to our capabilities with our personalized nutrition collaboration with Mayo Clinic, our joint development agreement with Vland Biotech, and our new enzyme lab in California. Now, with the addition of PIL’s extensive sales and marketing network to our existing R&D capabilities, we are building a world class, fully integrated probiotics and nutraceuticals business.”

“ADM acquisition of Probiotics Intl Ltd.“

Probiotics International Limited commercial director, Jonathan Sowler, said: “PIL has created market-leading brands in the veterinary, equine and human health markets around the world, and we are delighted to join ADM’s Health and Wellness business. We very much look forward to building on this success. There are great synergies with ADM and Biopolis, especially in the area of R&D, and we plan to add to an already very exciting development pipeline to provide innovative, evidence-based products of the highest quality for people and animals.”

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