Thermo Fisher Scientific and Symphogen collaborate on easy-to-use analytical strategies for biopharmaceutical


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Symphogen will collaborate for two years to develop automated multi-attribute method workflows for monitoring critical quality attributes of proteins using high-resolution accurate-mass mass spectrometry in a quality control environment, to accelerate drug development for biopharmaceutical innovators, biosimilar manufacturers, contract research organizations, and contract development and manufacturing organizations.

John Rontree, senior director pharma & biopharma, chromatography and mass spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: “The growing demand for more targeted and personalized treatment modalities results in the development of increasingly complex drug products, requiring research and development of advanced workflows to monitor their structure, manufacturing variation and quality. The collaboration with Symphogen, in addition to our commitment to the opening of Global Customer Solution Centers, will enable us to jointly leverage our established mass spectrometry technology, along with the expertise of our customers, to develop and implement novel, easy-to-use analytical strategies for complex mAb mixtures needed by drug manufacturers to drive the development of new therapies for cancer patients.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific and Symphogen to collaborate on easy-to-use analytical strategies for complex biopharmaceutical products.“

Dan Bach Kristensen, Ph.D., principal scientist, Symphogen, said: “Through this collaboration, we can leverage the knowledge and world-class technology provided by Thermo Fisher to effectively address our needs. The exceptional spectral resolution enabled by the Q Exactive BioPharma mass spectrometry platform means we now have a highly powerful tool for simple, reliable characterization and quality monitoring of complex biopharmaceutical products."

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