AI and advanced ultrasound combining for better prostate cancer detection

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Prostate cancer has the second highest cancer mortality rate in men, and current treatment cannot differentiate suspicious regions, leading to 30% of those being screened being incorrectly diagnosed as not having the disease.

Canadian company Exact Imaging has an imaging tool called ExactVu that has 300% better resolution than ultrasound being used today to detect prostate cancer. Now Exact Imaging are collaborating with Cambridge Consultants, who are developing an artificial intelligence to help identify suspicious areas where cancer may be present. Together with the advanced imaging tool, urologists will be able to target biopsies more accurately, and have better characterisation of suspicious regions.

“AI and advanced ultrasound combining for better prostate cancer detection“

Dominic Kelly, senior consultant at Cambridge Consultants, said: “The AI was trained exclusively on ExactVu images. Working with smaller datasets is a common requirement for AI in medical diagnostics and a challenging and important area for research. From our experience developing AI for medical diagnostics we were able to architect an ensemble of deep neural networks which was able to provide high specificity with a relatively small dataset of participant information. The most exciting aspect of the system for us, and our research in this area more generally, is its ability to learn the features and characteristics of each problem being tackled. The same system design with only small modification can be trained to identify other forms of cancer and for other forms of diagnostics.”

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