Summer holidays the worst time for abandoning pets

Animal Health

The RSPCA has reported a huge increase in abandoned pets this summer. The average intake of cats in the winter is well over 500 cats, most of whom are rehomed quickly. But in the summer months this can be much higher, with up to 1,000 cats being taken in and only around 400 being rehomed.

“The RSPCA has reported a huge increase in abandoned pets this summer“

A survey carried out by Admiral Pet Insurance has asked 2,000 dog and cat owners what issues they face with regards to their pets over the summer holiday period. 24% said they had thought about rehoming their pets during the summer months and 31% of dog owners said they had to consider it, and there was more bad news for dogs as 61% of owners wished they had not even acquired their pet and 66% dog owners felt the same. The biggest problems pet owners seem to face are struggling to find and finance care for their pets whilst they take their annual summer holiday without them, and the overall costs associated with vet bills, kennels and the upkeep of pets. Some owners admitted to having not thought through just how confining pets can be in terms of their freedom to go away for weekends and holidays.

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