Dechra launches new range of tools to monitor dogs with Cushing syndrome

Animal Health

Dechra Veterinary Products has launched a range of tools that will help owners of dogs with Cushing syndrome to monitor the clinical responses.

Pre-Vetoryl Cortisol (PVC) monitoring at home will provide vets with more information and assess the situation better than without.

“Dechra Veterinary Products launches new tools to help vets and owners work together to monitor dogs with Cushing syndrome. “

Craig Sankey, brand manager at Dechra Veterinary Products, said: “Vetoryl is a medicine that will normally deliver major clinical benefits to a patient with canine Cushing’s syndrome, but finding a stable, long-term dosing regimen can be hard if ACTH stimulation tests return varying results.

“PVC monitoring is a reliable alternative to traditional ACTH stimulation tests for several reasons. It predicts clinical signs better, gives more consistent results, is less expensive and easier to perform.

“Our online guide gives veterinary professionals a detailed insight into how they can integrate PVC into their treatment plans, and the benefits it can bring to their patients and practice.”

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