Vectura’s VR647 Inhalation System studies complete


Vectura is hoping that its VR647 Inhalation System, a combination of a budesonide inhalation suspension and proprietary inhalation system, will become an alternative treatment for paediatric asthma in the US, and points to the evidence in its two studies that the system could cut delivery time and steroid doses in comparison with nebulised treatments. The first study looked at the pharmacokinetics of budesonide delivered using the inhalation system in asthma patients aged four to eight, and the second looked at whether children aged one to four could use the VR647 Inhalation System with a mouthpiece.

Dr Gonzalo de Miquel, EVP and chief medical officer at Vectura, said: “There are very few approved treatment options for children under 5 years of age. The results of these studies support Vectura’s confidence in our wholly-owned VR647 product as a more convenient treatment option for children. This product has the potential to reduce treatment times and the steroid burden for this patient population, without compromising exposure or safety. We look forward to outlining Phase III plans with the FDA at the end of the year.”

“Vectura is hoping that its VR647 Inhalation System, will become an alternative treatment for paediatric asthma. “

Dr Leonard Bacharier, Professor of Paediatrics and Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, said the studies demonstrate that the VR647 Inhalation System, with the mouthpiece, “can easily be used by young children. The real-time feedback and inhalation control with the VR647 Inhalation System is a new way of treating asthmatic children with budesonide, and has the potential to improve compliance and efficacy in a patient population with limited therapy options

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