FundamentalVR says simulation technology cheaper than current training methods

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FundamentalVR is a pioneer of immersive training technology for the medical profession. Its Surgical Haptic Intelligence Engine combines virtual reality with haptics, which the company says is cheaper than the cost of a single cadaver required for current teaching and hands-on practice. The software is hardware agnostic and works with any PC or laptop, a standard VR headset and two haptic arm devices.

The low-cost training technology has been tested by more than 500 surgeons who have calibrated it to mimic the feel of operating on various types of human tissue with various medical tools. It is currently available for purchase in the US and the UK for posterior hip replacement, total knee arthroplasty and spinal pedicle screw placement procedures, with further orthopaedic procedures planned to be added towards the end of this year. General surgery and cardiovascular procedural support is planned for 2019.

“FundamentalVR says simulation technology cheaper than current training methods“

CEO of FundamentalVR, Richard Vincent, said: “It involves creating haptic actions which define the interactions between the surgical tools and the patient’s virtual anatomy. To do this we create haptic baselines through close consultation with our Global Medical Panel, senior clinicians, comprising a range of surgical specialisms and then, with our unique calibration tools we are able to refine these through the development process to achieve the appropriate interaction. This requires a deep understanding of tissue behaviour under various conditions aligned with deep physics and mathematical computation.”

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