Dechra Launches Fluboral® for the Control of Parasites Featuring Solustab®

Animal Health

Dechra has extended its Solustab® range of water-soluble products with the launch of Fluboral®, a new water-medication for the control of parasites in chickens and pigs.

Fluboral contains flubendazole as its active ingredient and this, combined with its unique Solustab formulation, provides an effective and easy-to-use product that effortlessly controls gastro-intestinal nematodes including Ascaridia galli (adult stages), Heterakis gallinarum (adult stages) and Capillaria spp. (adult stages) in chickens and Ascaris suum (adult and L4 intestinal stages) in pigs. Fluboral’s innovative formula enables it to mix in drinking water quickly and easily with just five seconds of stirring. It has a guaranteed 24-hour stability without sedimentation of the suspension after dilution in drinking water and there is no risk of inhomogeneous mixing.

“Dechra has extended its Solustab® range of water-soluble products with Fluboral®“

Helminths affect the intestinal and respiratory health in chickens and pigs which negatively impact farm performance. Husbandry practices such as improved housing, hygiene and management have reduced, but not eliminated, the incidence of parasitic infections. Recently the risk has increased as more animals are kept outdoors for welfare reasons1,2 and a strategic approach to deworming is required to control worm infections and minimise productivity losses.

Johnny Wells West, key account manager – pig and poultry at Dechra, comments: “Fluboral is a welcome addition to our Solustab range of water-soluble products, providing effortless and efficient parasite control in drinking water to enable farmers and producers to start medication quickly and cost-effectively, as and when needed.”

For more information on Fluboral, visit or contact your local Dechra key account manager.

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