BeHEALTH Event Fosters Collaboration across Healthcare

Healthcare Communications

BeHEALTH links businesses, organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies, fostering the perfect setting for cross-border collaboration and eventually boosting the healthcare industry's economic competitiveness.

The day will begin with an educational conference-style discussion on the most recent financing prospects, with 100 presenters, including well-known industry specialists, academics, and entrepreneurs. There will then be 12 panels spanning Healthcare's main areas of operation that will talk about contemporary issues pertinent to that sector.

“BeHEALTH event fosters cross-border collaboration, boosting the healthcare industry's economic competitiveness “

The NoBoCap project panel, “MDR and IVD Regulation: Challenges for NBs and Market Operators”, offers an exclusive platform for interaction and communication between those in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, the European Commission will host an online training course called "Introduction to Medical Device Legislation" on day 2.

BeHEALTH 2023 drives you into the next generation of healthcare, run by ROHEALTH. Don't pass up this opportunity to encourage creativity and influence tomorrow's solutions.

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