Fetal Monitoring Challenge Winner to Receive $750k

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The Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics Technology project by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently revealed that it will grant up to $2 million to hasten research and development of fetal diagnosis and monitoring devices.

The Fetal Monitoring Challenge is looking for cutting-edge clinical and domestic diagnostic or monitoring systems that can lower fetal health risk and loss throughout the latter stages of pregnancy, especially in environments with limited resources.

“They are looking for cutting-edge clinical and domestic diagnostic or monitoring systems that lower fetal health risk “

The tools must demonstrate they are capable of being readily available, economical, and able to assess at least one aspect of fetal health.

Ten semifinalists, each receiving $5,000, will present live and show off their technologies. A maximum of six finalists will be awarded $75,000 as well as the opportunity to enhance their innovations and manage development risks during the last round, where there may be ultimate awards of as much as $750,000.

The contest is available to any US company or inventor who can show that their product is viable and set up to hit the market within five years.

"By bringing attention to an unacceptable state of care, we hope to inspire innovators to engineer solutions for accurate, cost-effective, and safe fetal monitoring and diagnostic approaches," Bruce Tromberg, director of the NIBIB, said in a statement. "The goal is safer birth outcomes — focusing on the health of the fetus in the latter stages of pregnancy, when easy-to-use technologies might detect the need for specific medical care."

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