GLP-1s Set to Shake the Insulin Market

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After research revealed that GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro — enabled those with Type 1 diabetes to minimize or discontinue insulin injections, businesses like Insulet and Tandem Diabetes Care had their stock prices drop.

Insulet shares have dropped 22% to under $174 in September, and Tandem shares have dropped 20% to under $23.15.

“Insulet shares have dropped 22% to under $174 in September“

Analysts were uncertain whether the medications would alter the prognosis for diabetes in the long run, given that the research only involved ten people who began using GLP-1s within three months of their diagnosis.

Margaret Kaczor explained that “while the latest generation of these drugs may delay progression, they do not believe that the drugs will meaningfully change the long-term outlook for diabetes.”

Since the treatments come to over $12,000 a year and have negative side effects, almost fifty percent of those taking GLP-1s discontinue using them after a year. According to specialists, weight reduction is not the only variable that impacts the advancement of diabetes.

Osama Hamdy, faculty member of medicine at Harvard Medical School, expressed that: “given the low, single-digit penetration of pumps in the T2D intensive insulin therapy (IIT) population, the potential impact to the insulin pump [total addressable market] looks relatively minor.”

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