Prognos Health Unveils New Marketing Suite

Healthcare Communications

The debut of Prognos Health's precision marketing suite has been unveiled; it will build on the company's existing data-driven offerings.

Through the use of immediately accessible lab and claims information, the suite is intended to aid pharmaceutical businesses in their marketing efforts by launching personal and non-personal advertising. With the support of real-world data, Prognos Health's solution aids in pinpointing the ideal patient journey points at which to connect healthcare professionals with the most effective therapeutic actions.

“The debut of Prognos Health's precision marketing suite has been unveiled“

Additionally, Prognos Health offers a complete solution, offering marketing programs that are focused and tailored through direct connections with DSPs that supply website media. This increases the relevance of essential messaging and enhances performance by making sure sales and marketing initiatives are effectively coordinated to the requirements of individuals across different physician's clinics.

The companies CCO, Bill Paquin, explained that their “expanded precision marketing suite builds upon that expertise to unlock the power of real-world data for commercial launches and pharmaceutical marketing. Our goal is to shorten the diagnostic odyssey for individuals with complex disease, ensuring patients get on the right therapy as quickly as possible.”

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