Veracyte and Roussy Partner to Expedite Cancer Therapy Development


The partnership between Veracyte, a major international diagnostics business, and Gustave Roussy, one of the world's top cancer centers, will offer biopharmaceutical firms with key insights in order to assist in expediting the creation of novel cancer medications.

The collaboration will make use of Veracyte's Biopharma Atlas, an AI-based, multi-omic platform created to improve the productivity and success of clinical trials, as well as Gustave Roussy's sizable biorepository of tumor cells and related datasets.

“Veracyte and Gustave Roussy will offer biopharmaceutical firms with key insights to assist in expediting the creation of novel cancer medications“

Gustave Roussy will supply metastatic tumor samples and information for various cancers, and Veracyte will use these resources in conjunction with AI abilities and multi-omics testing to generate a library of genomic and immunomic diagnostics.

Businesses will use this to gain additional knowledge about which tumors are more inclined to react to certain medication.

Oncologist in Gustave Roussy’s drug development division, Stéphane Champiat, expressed that “through our work in early-stage development of cutting-edge drugs, we have amassed extensive tumor knowledge. We believe Veracyte, with its multi-omic tools and machine learning capabilities, is an ideal partner to help us extract meaningful insights from these assets.”

Corinne Danan, from Veracyte’s Biopharma division, explained that “this partnership will enable us to augment our Veracyte Biopharma Atlas reference database with a large number of patients tumor samples and data from innovative cancer therapies. We believe this tool may help our biopharmaceutical partners accelerate development of new, precision-medicine therapies that improve outcomes for patients with cancer.”

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