Air Pollution Related to Increase in Resistance to Medication, Endangering Human Health


The research, which analyzed information gathered from over 100 nations over almost twenty years, found that greater air pollution has been correlates to an increased resistance to antibiotics in each nation and region.

It additionally implies that the connection among the two has grown stronger as time goes on, with rises in air pollution aligning with a greater increases in drug resistance.

“Research shows air pollution is linked to drug resistance“

The over and improper use of antibiotics remain the primary drivers of resistance. However, the research implies that growing levels of air pollution are exacerbating the problem.

"We didn't have a clear picture of the possible links between the two until now, but this work suggests that the benefits of controlling air pollution could be twofold: not only will it reduce the harmful effects of poor air quality, but it could also play a significant role in combating the rise and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria." Lecturer Hong Chen of Zhejiang University in China, stated.

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