De Carvalho Appointed as AXON Head of Clinical Research

Healthcare Communications

Silvia De Carvalho, once the Senior Vice President of customer loyalty and experience at Klick Health, now leads worldwide clinical studies at AXON.

Silvia will head clinical studies activity through a dynamic period characterised by fast expansion and constant innovation, offering nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare marketing.

“Silvia De Carvalho now leads worldwide clinical studies at AXON“

At Sanofi, Silvia began as a member of the diabetes clinical development division. Her background and acquired knowledge in this field has helped reinforce the significance of meeting patient demands throughout clinical development.

Silvia is thrilled to be a part of the AXON Practice, where she will assist customers in taking on technological changes within clinical studies. The group also aims to enable tactical and organisational success for all their clients, upholding a patient focus at the same time.

In this modern age, businesses want to work with consultants that can streamline their operations and guide them through the challenges of including every major stakeholder.

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