Revvity Launches as New Brand Identity for PerkinElmer


We have recently seen the formal debut of Revvity, a provider of scientific tools, services, and technology that uses diagnostic and life science developments to enhance people's lives all around the world.

Revvity offers a comprehensive range of products and services, covering the entire process from research to development to detection to treatment.

“We have recently seen the formal debut of Revvity“

Their main target markets include education, government organisations, testing laboratories, pharmaceutical businesses, and biotechnology firms.

CEO of Revvity, Prahlad Singh, explained that the company’s ultimate “purpose is to expand the boundaries of human potential through science. We view the challenges facing our customers as a call to action.”

He continued: “with cross-business collaborations between our automation, multi-omics offerings, and our Signals software business, we have unique capabilities which put us in an optimal position to accelerate breakthrough solutions” from discovery to treatment.

Some of the larger industry names, BioLegend, EUROIMMUN, Tulip Diagnostics and ViaCord will keep their existing identities and become individual product brands under the Revvity umbrella.

PerkinElmer Informatics, their scientific software system, is changing its identity to ‘Revvity Signals Software, Inc.’

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