Amgen and TScan Join Forces to Battle Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Amgen and TScan Therapeutics have established a partnership that utilises TargetScan, TScan's patented target discovery technology, to find antigens that T cells (white blood cells) react to in people with Crohn's disease.

In addition to the initial 'deposit' of $30 million, TScan will also be awarded more than $500 million in royalties and performance-related payments.

“Amgen and TScan Therapeutics have established a partnership“

Amgen will develop therapies centred around TScan-identified targets and keep the international commercial and development licenses for all of these products.

They may also extend the parameters of the partnership to also include ulcerative colitis should they wish. But individual research costs will be paid separately.

SVP of international research at Amgen, Raymond Deshaies, explained that "TScan's platform provides a best-in-class approach to identify non-conventional drug targets to enable the development of potential first-in-class therapeutics to address unmet medical needs."

TScan’s Chief Scientific and Operating Officer, Gavin MacBeath, said that the "TargetScan platform is well-suited for the discovery of antigens targeted by the immune system in inflammatory bowel disease.” And they will be “developing the value of our platform both in this partnership with Amgen and in other autoimmune diseases."

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