Hipra UK Financial Statement Released March 2023

Animal Health

Despite the return to regular commercial operations in the UK and Ireland in 2022 after over 48 consecutive months of battling against Covid 19, the effects of mounting inflation have raised trade expenses for Hipra UK.

The swine sector's rising manufacturing costs and the spread of avian influenza, which affects our poultry industry, have also had an influence on them.

“by keeping expenses as feasible as possible, Hipra UK have been able to retain their profitability“

But, by keeping expenses as feasible as possible, Hipra UK have been able to retain their profitability.

The company’s debtors increased from £1.9 million to £1.92 million over the year, meaning more revenue is expected to come in from those who owe the business money.

Shareholders' funds in 2022 were 10% higher than in the previous year, reaching an excess of £3 million compared to 2021 where funds were valued at just under £2.78 million.

This means that the company is more secure because unless a higher number of shares have been sold, each share must have increased in value in this period.

Unless the Company presents proof to the contrary, these statements are generated on the basis that the Hipra UK has the resources required to operate in the same way for the foreseeable future.

The Spanish based corporation named Laboratorios Hipra is the parent company of Hipra UK and Ireland Ltd. Hipra SA is the sole controlling entity.


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