Sony Biotechnology Launches Single Instrument Platform SY3200


The capacity to detect a higher number of populations in one lab test has been achieved thanks to Sony Biotechnology’s developments in the discovery of novel markers and dyes.

The SY3200 has been created to effortlessly react to the constantly growing demand for delicacy and versatility in new lab assay products.

“Sony Biotechnology tech increases capacity to detect a higher number of populations in one lab test “

Optimum laser compatibility is made possible by the unique and adaptable laser delivery array, and increased levels of fluorescence capture is enabled by using reflection collecting capabilities.

Greater data gathering and mega fast cell selection, with exceptional sensitivity, is made possible by robust Sony-designed electronics

Plug and Play PMTs (photomultiplier tubes) in the Scalable PMT Array unit deliver definitive adaptation abilities in regard to collection, but also reduce costs.

With only one instrument platform, the SY3200's twin HAPS (Highly Automated Parallel Sorting) setup may increase a lab's potential output twofold.

Conversely, one unit may be configured for standard immunophenotyping uses, with the other being reserved for other specific purposes.

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