DiaSorin Sells Luminex FCI Product Line to Cytek Biosciences


Luminex Corporation, an entirely owned division of DiaSorin, has finalised the transaction of virtually all of its assets linked to the Flow Cytometry & Imaging (FCI) product line to Cytek for $46.5 million.

On February 13th, DiaSorin explained their choice to sell the entire FCI product line to Cytek.

“Luminex Corporation, a division of DiaSorin, has sold FCI assets to Cytek for $46.5 million“

They claim that losing this division of the business is consistent with the strategic goals DiaSorin shared with investors at the Capital Market Day in December 2021. The move should enable them to zone in on their primary business going forward.

The purchase helps Cytek achieve its goals of expanding into previously untapped market segments, improving the effectiveness of its business processes, and creating new products and services using FCI innovation.

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