Cytek Launches Innovative and Efficient AML Panel


The introduction of a 20-Colour Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Panel has been unveiled by Cytek Biosciences, a dominant provider of cell analysis services.

This enables researchers to undertake a rapid AML analysis on any Cytek Aurora or Northern Lights programme that uses lasers.

“The 20-Colour Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Panel enables researchers to undertake a rapid AML analysis“

Multiparametric flow cytometry tests are frequently utilized in the development of pharmaceuticals, translational research, and clinical studies to identify and track AML.

This product increases efficiency levels in the lab and reduces the level of wastefulness currently employed where many tubes are used AML analysis. Cytek's single-tube, 20-colour maintains valuable samples and does away with the need for extraneous chemicals.

With the help of the new panel, Cytek's Full Spectrum ProfilingTM (FSPTM) technology is free to provide more thorough insight into the human immune system.

Cytek Biosciences Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Wenbin Jiang, explained that “by providing total solutions for specific application areas, we are giving researchers and scientists new leverage to jumpstart their discoveries and advance the development of life-saving therapies.”

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