Everlight Enlist Dr Umi Janjua to Scope Out UAE Office Location

Medical Devices

The Everlight UAE unit, headed by Clinical Lead Dr. Umi Janjua, looked into a selection of office space possibilities as the inauguration of their reporting hub in Dubai approaches.

Commenting on their investigations so far, Dr. Janjua expressed that the team has "seen some fantastic spaces that would be a perfect location for visiting radiologists to work from - and a great base for our local team.”

“Dr. Umi Janjua, looked at office space possibilities as opening of reporting hub in Dubai approaches“

He continued to express their excitement “to drive Everlight's growth in the region and support our growing family of radiologists in the UAE."

Both radiologists based in Dubai and those who travel in on occasion will be able to work for Everlight from the new hub, allowing all of these employees to take advantage of the benefits that come with being in Dubai. The upcoming base will align with the other locations Everlight currently operates in: the UK, Australia, and Europe.

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