Lintbells Acquires Mobility Product Supplier Walkin' Pets

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The natural pet supplement company Lintbells, located in Hertfordshire, has made the strategic decision to buy US pet mobility product supplier, Walkin' Pets, to achieve global growth.

Wheelchairs, harnesses, and support braces are just a few of the devices Walkin' Pets carry, with their entire portfolio intended to help pets live longer, and more active lives.

“Lintbells has bought US pet mobility product supplier Walkin' Pets to achieve global growth“

The transaction was established as one component of Lintbells' worldwide expansion plan. With the American handicapped pet product supplier, they can increase the scope of their offering, now shifting from a primarily pet supplements portfolio to also including mobility devices.

Lintbells will also be presenting their veterinary joint supplement, YuMOVE, to Walkin' Pets consumers, in a bid to increase sales revenue.

co-founder of Lintbells, John Howie, explained that "there is clearly a common culture to our teams, clear synergies between our two product offerings.”

The company’s CEO, Fiona Hope, delved into their strategy, with the deal moving them “into a completely new but aligned sector and supports our global growth strategy."

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