Trials Test for Differences Between Roche and Regeneron Eye Treatment


Outcomes from the phase 3 BALATON and COMINO trials were used to evaluate the difference between Vabysmo by Roche with Eylea by Regeneron.

In 2022, Vabysmo received FDA clearance to address Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and Descemet membrane detachment (DME) using a treatment option with higher longevity than Eylea. Regeneron’s treatment is currently the industry leader with revenues reaching over $6.25 billion last year in the US alone.

“phase 3 trials evaluated the difference between Vabysmo by Roche and Eylea by Regeneron. “

Given that these problems are treated using injections to the eye, having Vabysmo availiable has enabled countless individuals to live their lives with just three doses annually as opposed to six with Eylea.

Within the study it was key to show if one demonstrated lower levels of retinal leakage. Better eyesight is typically achieved with a retina that is drier and less inflamed.

Almost 1,300 research subjects were tested to find any differences between Vabysmo and Eylea products. By the end of the first phase, Vabysmo demonstrated it was on the same level as Eylea in regard to the eye being able to identify shapes and details.

The studies analysed the drying of retinal fluid as the next objective; outcomes from both products were found to be remarkably similar.

Compared to 21% of Eylea patients, 34% of Vabysmo patients had no retinal leaks. The statistics were 30% against 44% in a separate cluster of patients.

If the problem remains unattended to, fluid buildup in the retinal vein occlusion can cause fast and significant reduction in eyesight.

While it hasn't been confirmed by comparing the two directly, Regeneron's enhanced form of Eylea is said to have better endurance than Vabysmo.

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