AmerisourceBergen to Become Cencora in Brand Shift

Animal Health

AmerisourceBergen has declared they will be renaming the business Cencora.

Micro Technologies, AllyDVM, and Securos Surgical are a few of the animal health businesses under the umbrella of AmerisourceBergen. It has been made clear that these brands, along with any others owned by AmerisourceBergen, will remain the same by enduring to support the animal health sector regardless of any changes to the holding company.

“AmerisourceBergen has declared they will be renaming the business Cencora“

Out of consideration for suppliers, customers and their wider community, AmerisourceBergen have provided this info ahead of time; although they have stressed that adjustments and apprises will not be forthcoming, as the process is set to extend beyond the next few months.

Their animal health logos feature the AmerisourceBergen brand; hence, these will be modified once they switch to Cencora.

The corporation claims that the shift in brand and associated effects will take place gradually, in strategic, measured stages, and with plenty of notice.

They will continue their dedication to offering the same degree of excellence throughout this brand development; contracts and interactions will be unaffected.

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